knee replacement surgery

Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad by Dr. Sanjib Kumar Behera

This blog answers a few important questions about Total knee replacement surgery in Hyderabad.

What is Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

A surgical procedure where an ailing knee joint is replaced with an artificial one so the joint enjoys the same motion of the knee. The artificial knee composes of metal and plastic materials and shaped in the same way as a knee to allow free continued motion.

Knee replacement surgery

Who needs Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

Total knee replacement surgery is considered for patients with either progressive arthritis, trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis or other rare destructive diseases of the joint. This results in progressively increasing pain and stiffness and decreasing daily function.

The Total Knee Replacement procedure

Total knee replacement surgery includes 5-6 inches incision over the knee with 3-5 days of hospitalization. A unique device that can help speed recovery is the Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machine. It constantly moves the knee through various degrees of range of motion while the patient relaxes

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